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Ecosystem & Teaming

Whether your are a lab working on novel RF waveforms, a startup building autonomous vehicles or program manager that needs to field new capabilities to answer new challenges - no one succeeds alone. We're focused on building the most versatile RF platform that also links capability developers, platform integrators and operators to accelerate innovations to impact at the speed of relevance. Let's work together.

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Accelerate RF Capabilities to The Field

The same scalable software-defined digital phased array tiles used in the field can be used back in the lab by startups, researchers and universities to reduce hardware risk and accelerate commercialization
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High-Performance Turnkey Hardware
Fast-track hardware development and focus on capabilities
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Flexible Options and Collaboration
Lease, purchase or team with partners on opportunities
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Integrate, Test, Iterate & Commercialize
Reach new platforms, customers & paths to commercialization
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Offer More RF Capability To Your Customers

Primes, startups, and small businesses building host platforms (like mobile C4ISR, UAS & USV) can leverage our scalable hardware to offer customers a versatile RF solution that adapts to ever-evolving missions
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Goes Anywhere & Scales from Mini to Massive
Modular, scalable system can be adapted to most platforms
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Converged & Multifunction RF
One payload for RF communications, sensing and effects
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Leverage an Ecosystem of Opportunities
Team with emerging partners to solve operator challenges
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RF Mission Solutions in Days Instead of Decades

No more hardware-dictated tactics. InfRA's versatility and a growing ecosystem of developers and integrators let operators quickly spec and test rapidly-iterable full-stack solutions to novel multi-domain challenges
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Speed Innovation to Impact
Adapt to threats and opportunities at the speed of relevance
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More Capability, Less Baggage
One RF sensor for communications, sensing and effects
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An Ecosystem to Find and Field Solutions
Shorten the new capability kill-chain from decades to days
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