Infinite RF capability without the baggage of bespoke hardware

Rapidly develop & deploy multifunction RF with InfRA – the Infinite RF Aperture. Field almost any RF capability from nearly any platform on software-defined digital phased array tiles that combine to scale from mini to massive and dynamically meet any mission.

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Early Access Cohort Launching Q4 2023

The Most Versatile RF Platform

Software-Defined AESA that Fits in Your Hand

Each of InfRA’s self-contained tiles are ultrawideband digital phased arrays, about the size of a paperback, that can operate alone or in an Aperture Group. Processing, data handling, power distribution and positional awareness are baked-in to each tile.

Converged RF = Less Baggage

A single tile can run many software-defined RF workloads such as LPI/LPD communications, active/passive sensing and electronic warfare – simultaneously. Converging tasks previously done through bespoke hardware reduces size, weight, power & cost (SWaP-C) on-the-move and on-platform. It can also help lighten logistical, support, supply, personnel, training and PM burdens downstream.

Scalability from Mini to Massive

Tiles are designed to securely join at the edges, locking together like Lego blocks, to create larger arrays that combine power and processing for increased range and sensitivity. These Aperture Groups scale from mini to massive in infinite configurations while minimizing power & data I/O requirements with host platforms.

Band Options
RF Task
Host Platform
In-Band Full-Duplex
Tile Form-Factors

Go Where Others Won't – Do What Others Can't

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Early Access Cohort Launching Q1 2023

Accelerate Infinite RF Capability

Whether your are a lab working on novel RF waveforms, a startup building autonomous vehicles or program manager that needs to field new capabilities to answer new challenges - no one succeeds alone. Let's work together.
  • Developers: Accelerate lab innovations to field impacts
  • Integrators: Add infinite RF capability to your platform
  • Operators: Get RF capabilites & platforms to meet any mission
How the Ecosystem Works Together

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